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mammalpronghornSDKgroupsunset3Chords For Conservation: Music Inspired By The Sagebrush Sea

March 6, 2017

Listen to this just-released song by the River Whyless — featuring a new instrument created in honor of the sage grouse — which was inspired by the band’s experiences in the sagebrush on Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge.

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Conservation Integral At O’Tooles’ Ladder Ranch in Wyoming

April 19, 2016

Pat and Sharon O’Toole make their living by ranching on the sagebrush sea along the Wyoming-Colorado border. They raise sheep and cattle, sage grouse and trout, as well as children and grandchildren on their Ladder Ranch. Read more here.

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Conservation Working For Ranchers And Sage Grouse In The West

February 18, 2016

by The Conservation Fund | The Conservation Fund’s Wyoming Sage Grouse Campaign has conserved 15 properties in partnership with SGI and others. We are proud to partner with this group on long-term solutions that benefit birds and ranchers!

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Sage grouse depend on a delicate balance of sagebrush habitats.Grazing and Sagebrush Treatments: A 25-year Case Study in Utah

January 9, 2016

The newest Science to Solutions report is based on findings from a 25-year case study on a ranch in Utah. The study shows that sustainable grazing practices and sagebrush treatments enhanced herbaceous understory for sage grouse in years with average winters, but that bird populations declined following severe winters.

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The Pokorny family made improvements that benefit wet brood-rearing habitat for sage grouse on their Wyoming ranch.Pokorny Family Benefits Birds and Range on Wyoming Ranch

May 18, 2015

Sage grouse like the habitat around the Pokorny Ranch, and the Pokornys like the conservation improvements SGI helped them make on their Wyoming ranch. “They were the first landowners I had to enroll in the program,” says Kevin Edinger with the Wyoming NRCS. “These folks are really progressive operators. They’re as good as it gets.”

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Stakeholders gather for the SGI pinyon-juniper conference in Nevada in Feb 2014.Wyoming Sage Grouse Habitat Restoration Workshop

March 4, 2015

Register soon for the second annual Wyoming Sage Grouse Habitat Restoration Workshop in Casper, held Mar 24-26 at the University of Wyoming.

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Study Shows That Fence Markers Reduce Sage Grouse Mortality in Wyoming

February 27, 2015

SGI and our partners have marked or moved 590 miles of high-risk fence to reduce bird collisions so that sage grouse can thrive in the sagebrush sea. Read on to see results of the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory’s study on the impacts of fence markers in Wyoming.

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Keeping It Together: Large Landscape Conservation in the Upper Green River, Wyoming

January 28, 2015

A colossal voluntary effort is keeping the Intermountain West’s sagebrush steppe intact, which protects one of the highest density populations of greater sage grouse range-wide.

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SGI Featured Friend: Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust

January 8, 2015

Meet our January 2015 Featured Friend: Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust. To date, the Land Trust has worked with 57 families to complete 77 conservation easements totaling more than 204,000 acres of productive ranch land. Almost half of these acres are within sage grouse core areas.

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Predicting the Outcome of Wyoming’s Sage Grouse Conservation Strategy

June 19, 2014

This recent study by The Nature Conservancy, University of Wyoming and the Sage Grouse Initiative finds that Wyoming’s strategy, combined with targeted conservation easements on private lands, could cut anticipated sage grouse losses by half statewide, and by nearly two-thirds within core habitat areas.

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