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lesser prairie chickenHealthy Range Is Productive Range For Sage Grouse, Prairie Chickens, And Cows

October 19, 2016

Sage grouse and lesser prairie-chickens both need healthy rangeland to thrive. So do cattle. Learn more about how NRCS is supporting range conservation practices that help these birds as well as agricultural producers.

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lesser prairie chicken WLFWUSDA Unveils Three-Year Conservation Strategy for Lesser Prairie-Chicken on Working Rangelands

April 28, 2016

Just like in sage grouse country, the recipe for success to save the lesser prairie-chicken (an iconic grassland bird of the southern Great Plains) is investing in proactive, collaborative conservation efforts on private lands.

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saving sage grouse - Brianna Randall - OBSaving Sage Grouse | Conserving Montana’s Largest Game Bird

October 5, 2015

By Brianna Randall. Stamping my feet on the frozen ground, I waited impatiently for an elusive football-sized bird to appear in the murky pre-dawn light. A spotting scope stood at the ready, my tool to count sage grouse during their annual quirky courtship dance.

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FSA Administrator Val Dolcini speaks at the 2015 National Peasant Fest and Quail Classic in Iowa.Pheasants Forever and USDA Renew Commitment to Conserve Habitat for Upland Birds

March 5, 2015

SGI partner Pheasants Forever signed on with the USDA to continue important proactive conservation efforts with private landowners, including tools that restore and protect the sagebrush sea.

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