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Cheatgrass is an annual invasive plant that crowds out native plants in sagebrush range.Webinar Replay | Restoration of Annual Grass Invaded Landscapes

July 6, 2020

Overview of the devastating impacts of annual invasive grasses, regional scale strategies to tackle the problem, on-the-ground examples of restoration, and introduction to a new rangeland restoration herbicide providing multi-year annual grass control.

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Mule Deer Sagebrush by Susan MorseHow Do Mule Deer Use Sagebrush?

February 5, 2019

Miles Moretti of the Mule Deer Foundation tells us how mule deer use sagebrush country and why MDF is partnering to conserve western rangelands.

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New SGI Science to Solutions Report: Sage Grouse Conservation Benefits Migratory Mule Deer

March 31, 2015

Sage grouse habitat conservation protects critical habitat for mule deer, according to a study highlighted in the newest Sage Grouse Initiative Science to Solutions publication, “Sage Grouse Conservation Benefits Migratory Mule Deer.”

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Sage Grouse Conservation Benefits Migratory Mule Deer

March 15, 2015

This report shows how habitat conservation for sage grouse, considered an umbrella species, can also protect critical habitat for mule deer. Scientists found that sage grouse conservation efforts doubled the protection of deer migration habitat and winter range.

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SGI Featured Friend: Mule Deer Foundation

September 5, 2014

In Utah’s sage grouse habitats, partners like the Mule Deer Foundation are working together on new grazing systems that are designed to benefit ranching, sage grouse, and mule deer.

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