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How To Watch The Best Mating Dance In The West

March 29, 2022

Check out the ‘sage grouse strut’ this spring on a live-streaming Lek Cam, and read helpful tips for responsible wildlife viewing in the field.

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Over 100 sage grouse congregate on a lek in Colorado to mate. Photo: Julio MuleroWatch Sage Grouse Mating Dance Live On This Lek Cam

April 4, 2018

Live-stream feisty dance moves from our favorite bird every morning through mid May via this wildlife camera!

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Sage Whiz Quiz | What The Heck Is A Lek?

March 5, 2018

How much do you know about the best mating dance in the West? Test your knowledge about sage grouse lekking season here!

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Photo of a rare white sage grouse in Wyoming by Tracie Fernandez.Animal Tales: A Great White Sage Grouse

June 5, 2017

by Tracie Fernandez | Learn how this puffed-up male sage grouse achieved its rare (lack of) color … and whether it might work to attract females, too!

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