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Marking fences to make the top strands visible prevents deadly sage grouse collisions (photo Jeremy Roberts, Conservation Media).Operation Sage-Grouse: NWF Connects Youth and Conservation

March 13, 2017

Check out this video from the National Wildlife Federation on win-win partnerships that are making the skies safer for sage grouse through fence marking.

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Tony, a veteran of the Marines, loves animals.Rockin’ TD Ranch Champions Rangeland Conservation in Nevada

June 21, 2016

Tony and Diane Stobiecki partner with the Sage Grouse Initiative to improve habitat for wildlife and their ranch’s bottom line by putting in place projects that improve water delivery, riparian habitat, and rangeland forage.

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Marking Fences Saves Lives in Sage Grouse Country

August 4, 2015

The article below was adapted from this post written by Ron Francis and Lori Valadez, which appeared on the USDA Blog. In the “New West,” livestock fencing can be marked to help reduce collisions for sage grouse and other wildlife. The Sage Grouse Initiative is working with ranchers to improve habitat for sage grouse across the West. One of our […]

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Study Shows That Fence Markers Reduce Sage Grouse Mortality in Wyoming

February 27, 2015

SGI and our partners have marked or moved 590 miles of high-risk fence to reduce bird collisions so that sage grouse can thrive in the sagebrush sea. Read on to see results of the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory’s study on the impacts of fence markers in Wyoming.

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SGI Featured Friend: COR Enterprises

February 2, 2015

COR Enterprises produces fence markers for Sage Grouse Initiative’s rangeland improvement projects, reducing sage grouse mortality while providing paychecks and meaningful work for adults with disabilities.

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Science to Solution Series: Marking High-Risk Fences Saves Sage Grouse

March 20, 2014

The Sage Grouse Initiative (SGI) regularly joins with its partners to fund and support science that is designed to help guide conservation solutions on the ground. Today, we announce the first in our “Science to Solutions” series for the public, titled “Marking High-Risk Fences Saves Sage Grouse.” The next in the series will focus on the removal of conifers invading historic sagebrush-steppe.

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