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Jessie sows sagebrush seed with the inmate crew at Snake River Correctional Institution. SRCI is growing 40,000 sagebrush seedlings for 2016Why Grow Sagebrush Seedlings in Prisons?

August 11, 2016

The Sagebrush Project, part of the Sustainability in Prisons Project, expands the opportunities for 175 inmates in 11 prisons across 6 states by teaching them to grow sagebrush seedlings. In turn, these seedlings restore vital habitat for sage grouse and other wildlife on BLM lands across the West.

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Sacramento Wildlife Refuge - California conservation tourHuman Connections Drive Habitat Conservation

December 1, 2015

By Tiffany Russell | This blog is about connecting people to talk about how wildlife and humans can thrive together. It describes a recent Ranch Conservation Tour, co-hosted by two partners in the Sage Grouse Initiative: Point Blue and the California Rangeland Conservation Coalition.

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