Additional Resources

There are wonderful resources available to learn more about the Sagebrush Community. Many are available through links found throughout this site — for example, Landowner Resources connects you to field guides as well as important information concerning fences and livestock water tanks. And our News & Media pages are full of current news items and stories. Also check out the videos in our always-changing Photo & Video Gallery.  Our Science  & Policy section also takes you to many of our publications. We note additional resources here.

If you’re looking for still more, please contact us.

The Bird

All About Birds, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The Greater Sage-Grouse fact sheet--excellent resource! USFWS

Grouse of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, PDF, by Michael Schroeder

Sage Grouse and Sagebrush Conservation, BLM

Save the Last Dance (a book by Joel Vance)

The Sage Grouse in Wyoming, by Dr. Robert Lansing Patterson, 1952.

Just for Kids

Kids Page, Audubon Rockies

Sage-Grouse Education / Activities for Kids, BLM

Seriously Sage Coloring Book a PDF

Bird Feats: book featuring sage grouse for its longest dance and written by SGI Communications Director Deborah Richie

The Wildlife

Birds in a Sagebrush Sea, PDF, by Christine Paige.

To find out more about a whole range of sagebrush wildlife, view the PowerPoint by Kent McAdoo, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, Sagebrush Associated Wildlife Species.

Mule deer & sage grouse in Wyoming SGI/TNC study – Did you know mule deer share winter range with sage grouse? Find out more.

The Perilous Journey of Wyoming’s Migrating Pronghorn – award-winning article in High Country News.


The Habitat

Pollinators & Sage Grouse, Fact Sheet by USFS

 Why Care About Sagebrush? Fact Sheet by USFWS

Greater Sage-Grouse:ecology and conservation of a landscape species and its habitats, Studies in Avian Biology (Peruse and download chapters on USGS Sagemap website).

Sagebrush (Encyclopedia of the Earth website page).

Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson 1962. (Chapter six on sagebrush)

The Human Footprint in the West: A Large-scale Analysis of Anthropogenic Impacts, on USGS Sagemap website.

The Sagebrush Sea, book by Stephen Trimble (beautiful natural history).


The People

NEW On the Land: Celebrating Award-Winning Farmers and Ranchers  Who Improve our Environment: Leopold Conservation Award Program (writer: Andy Rieber). Sand County Foundation website link.

NEW  Sage Grouse Initiative Rancher Success Story Series Launches:
#1: North Dakota: Planting Wyoming Big Sage on Brooks Ranch Enhances Sage Grouse Habitat, by Steve Stuebner for SGI.

 Cowboy Life in Southeast Oregon (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 10 min. video)

Warner Valley: Cowboys & Ranchers, slideshow set to music by Andy Rieber

Cattlemen to Cattlemen TV Shows

Out on the Land RFD TV Shows

Help Thy Neighbor (an article by Andy Rieber)

Yakama Nation: Tribal Connection to Sage Grouse

Life on the Range, stories about ranches and ranching

John Fielder’s Ranches of Colorado, photography

The Journals of Lewis and Clark