Sage Grouse Initiative: New Brochure & Outdoor Writers Meeting on the Docket

May 16, 2014

The Sage Grouse Initiative has a new four-fold brochure explaining the national partnership, and featuring our three main program areas: conifer removal, conservation easements, and prescribed grazing. We are including the high resolution and low resolution versions on our website as a product for partners.  Please visit our Resources page for this and other SGI publications. You might also like to peruse the available publications on our Science & Policy page.

Hard copies will be available within a couple weeks. We’d like to express our appreciation to talented designer, Maja Smith, who also developed the SGI “look”  when she designed our Tracking Success Report of 2013.  Thanks, too, to the photographers who have allowed us to use their photos for SGI purposes: John Carlson, Jeremy Roberts of Conservation media, Ken Miracle, and Rick McEwan. And we thank Advanced Litho Printing in Missoula for meeting our short deadlines with such fine work and grace.

 The official debut for the brochure is coming up next week at the Outdoor Writers Association of America meeting in McAllen, Texas.   Dave Naugle, SGI science advisor and professor at University of Montana, will be speaking on a keynote panel on Windmills versus Wildlife on Friday, May 23.  The Sage Grouse Initiative also will co-host a news roundtable discussion on sage grouse proactive conservation.