Sage Grouse E News: South Dakota Ranch Success Story, Jobs & Event

January 29, 2015

(SGI Photo to right: Todd Sceirine, rancher on the Nevada-California border, is involved in carrying out the Bi-State Action plan for sage grouse, the topic of an upcoming pinyon-juniper expansion forum).

Read today’s E-News, a round-up of our recent highlights, from the latest in our rancher series to your chance to join the SGI team, plus the announcement of a significant forum for bi-state sage grouse in Nevada.

Did you miss our last E-News?  That one featured a major conservation easement in Colorado, a rancher success story in California, and new funding for SGI.

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The Sage Grouse Initiative is a partnership-based, science-driven effort that uses voluntary incentives to proactively conserve America’s western rangelands, wildlife, and rural way of life. This initiative is part of Working Lands For Wildlife, which is led by USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.