Ranching & a West That Works: April 24-35: Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust & Colorado State University

April 18, 2014

Note: Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust is one of our Sage Grouse Initiative fine partners that works with ranchers in prime sage grouse habitat to help them conserve their lands and ranching way of life through easements. CCALT is one of several sponsors of the conference.

The Ranching and a West that Works conference is free and designed for a diverse audience – from students to families to business owners – who are encouraged to attend and learn from speakers who will explore ranching’s connections to water, food, sustainable grazing, public-private partnerships, livelihoods, rural economies and much more.

 Ranching can build bridges between rural and urban communities through the twin connections of open space and food. Across the American West, ranching accounts for a majority of land use, both on private and on public lands. In fact, close to half of the private lands that surround our public lands belong to ranchers that graze livestock on public lands.  

 There is a tight connection between land use that protects open space and also produces an important food item. This event will explore these connections and start important dialogue about new ideas for the future of ranching.

When: April 24 – 25, 2014

Where: Lory Student Center Theater, CSU Campus, Fort Collins, CO 

Cost: Free


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