Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ Sage-grouse Technical Team determined that sage-grouse were in need of conservation actions in 1995.  WAFWA established a formal working relationship with the USFWS, USFS and BLM in 2000 to determine the status and trends of sage-grouse populations and develop a strategy to address conservation needs.  In 2008, WAFWA and its partners added the USGS, Farm Service Agency and NRCS to our “family” of sage-grouse conservation agencies.  In 2010, the USFWS made a “warranted” finding for Greater Sage-grouse, and the NRCS announced SGI.  Many of the conservation actions funded by SGI come from the palette of conservation actions found in the Greater Sage-grouse Conservation Strategy.  SGI, WAFWA and our other Federal agencies maintain constant communication regarding threats to sage-grouse and conservation actions to address those threats.

Contact: San Stiver, WAFWA Sagebrush Initiative Coordinator – 928.443.5158 (cell) 928. 443.5158 or  | 450 W. Goodwin St. Ste 102-C, Prescott, AZ 86303