The Nature Conservancy

TNC is a key partner in science and policy projects across the range of sage grouse that include: quantifying the benefits of Wyoming’s core area strategy and conservation easements; mapping Oregon’s juniper sagebrush shrublands to inform restoration; working with Montana ranchers on innovative grazing strategies; helping to develop Idaho’s state sage grouse plan; and working with Colorado partners to secure large tracts of habitat.

National Contact for TNC: Matt Cahill, 541.241.1736,

Colorado: Paige Lewis, 303-817-8648,
Idaho: Laurel Angell, (202) 997-4278,
Montana: Brian Martin, 406.443.6733,
Nevada: Liz Munn, 775-322-4990,
North and South Dakota: Corissa Krueger, 605-484-1382,
Oregon: Garth Fuller, 541-388-3020,
Utah: Elaine York, 801.238.2320,
Wyoming: Holly Copeland, 307.335.2129,
Juniper Mapping and Tillage Risk Study: Jeff Evans , 970.672.6766,