Popo Agie Conservation District

Popo Agie Conservation District has close ties with the surrounding private and public lands as well as landowners as we strive to provide support and understanding on the conservation and wise use of our natural resources through voluntary conservation practices. The Sage Grouse Initiative focus mirrors this, making it a key partnership with the conservation district. Fremont County is home to some of the largest expanses of prestige, intact, sagebrush habitat for the bird with much of this habitat being positioned on private ranches and agricultural lands. By partnering with SGI we hope to increase the support of private landowners, enhance the success rate of preserving intact sagebrush habitat for the Sage Grouse, as well as a number of other species, and provide means to help sustain working ranches and agricultural lands for future generations as they are key players in this endeavor. PACD administers the SGI hire in Lander Wyoming and has partnered with the Nature Conservancy and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to help further ensure the success of this effort.

Contact: Jeri Trebelcock, Executive Director –  307.332.3114, 
221 South 2nd Street Lander WY 82520