Newmont Mining Corporation – Newmont is one of the world’s leading gold and copper producers, whose purpose is to create value and improve lives through sustainable and responsible mining. The North America region has operations in Nevada and Colorado. Through its Sagebrush Ecosystem Conservation Program, Newmont is helping conserve and restore sagebrush habitat in Nevada to support sage grouse and other species.

Elko Land and Livestock Company – A subsidiary of Newmont USA Limited, ELLCo owns and operates several ranches that provide land management and mitigation resources to support its Nevada mining operations. The ranches are ecologically, economically and sociologically sustainable rangeland livestock enterprises, which have implemented several successful conservation programs that benefit wildlife and the sagebrush ecosystem.

Contact: Jeff White, Director of Rangelands Sustainability and External Relations – 775.778.2519, , 1655 Mountain City Highway, Elko, NV  89801