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Flying sage grouseLatest sage grouse “Scorecard” Highlights NRCS Investments and Outcomes

November 17, 2022

Learn about NRCS investments and conservation outcomes from the latest SGI Scorecard.

Ask an Expert | Forage Production Lost to Tree Expansion

October 19, 2022

Researcher Scott Morford discusses his work detailing the economic impacts that expanding trees have on western rangelands.

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Yield gaps in western rangelands.Publication Alert: Herbaceous production lost to tree encroachment in United States rangelands

The ecological impacts of woody plants expanding onto U.S. rangelands are well documented. New science produced the first-ever yield gap analysis for lost production in western U.S. rangelands.

Publication Alert: Next-gen remote sensing tools level up rangeland conservation

October 12, 2022

New research highlights how remote sensing tools accurately and efficiently detail conservation outcomes on rangelands.

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Map of fire probability in Grea Basin 2000-2021Publication Alert: New tool maps the likelihood of large wildfires in the Great Basin

September 21, 2022

Two new papers highlight how rangeland fires are different from forest fires and how fire-probability research can inform fuels management in rangelands.

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Map of fire probability in Grea Basin 2000-2021Ask an Expert | Getting Ahead of Large Rangeland Fires in the Great Basin

September 20, 2022

Join Joe Smith and Jeremy Maestas for a discussion about new, annual fire-prediction maps for the Great Basin and what they mean for managing for wildfire in rangelands.

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How To Watch The Best Mating Dance In The West

March 29, 2022

Check out the ‘sage grouse strut’ this spring on a live-streaming Lek Cam, and read helpful tips for responsible wildlife viewing in the field.

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Creating Jobs Through Conservation in Southwest Montana

March 22, 2022

In southwest Montana, a creative partnership is improving sagebrush habitat, providing jobs, and empowering youth, one project at a time.

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