SGI Webinar: Intro to Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation in the U.S.

Native Prairie Speaker Series - Free Webinar on the Sage Grouse Initiative in the Western U.S.

February 25, 2015

Listen in as Sage Grouse Initiative rangeland conservationist Kelsey Molloy explains the benefits and challenges of working to conserve the Greater Sage-Grouse in the Western United States.

This webinar is a wonderful introduction to sage grouse conservation, and is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about the “who, what, why and how” of collaborative conservation efforts underway in the West.

Kelsey Molloy is one of SGI’s partner field staff.  Based out of Malta, Montana, Kelsey works one-on-one with landowners on behalf of the NRCS and the Montana Association of Conservation Districts.  Like all SGI rangeland conservationists, she is adept at explaning everything from in-depth sage grouse biology to tips and tools for working with landowners and building community partnerships that further conservation efforts in sage grouse strongholds.

By putting the right conservation practices in the right places, SGI’s goal is to build long-term partnerships committed to conserving the sagebrush rangelands.  Projects are collaborative and voluntary, benefiting sage grouse, other wildlife, and livestock that all need healthy rangelands.

Held on February 24, 2015 as part of the Native Prairie Speaker Series, this webinar was sponsored by the Sage Grouse Initiative, the Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan, and the Montana Association of Conservation Districts.

Click here to listen to Kelsey, or watch the webinar below.

The Sage Grouse Initiative is a partnership-based, science-driven effort that uses voluntary incentives to proactively conserve America’s western rangelands, wildlife, and rural way of life. This initiative is part of Working Lands For Wildlife, which is led by USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.