Job Announcement | Montana Seeks Manager for Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Program

July 2, 2015

Find the full job description here.

The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) is hiring a manager for its Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Program, which will be based in Helena.

“All of the pieces are in place for an effective program to conserve habitat and reduce future threats to sage grouse,” said DNRC Director John Tubbs. “It’s time to hire a program manager to lead the implementation of a new era of sage grouse conservation.”

The Sage Grouse Stewardship Program Manager is responsible for the development and administration of this new program under the direction of the Governor’s Natural Resource Policy Advisor. Duties include developing program goals and policies; outreach and advocacy; developing partnerships; and managing the budget, staff and operations of the program.

Mark Bostrom, Administrator of DNRC Conservation and Resource Development Division, said the program manager will receive direction from the Montana Sage Grouse Oversight Team, established by executive order from Governor Steve Bullock last year. This year, the 64th Legislature approved funding for the sage grouse program. The program manager will be administratively attached to DNRC.

“This position will put legs under the new state program, expanding the good work done up to this point, and developing the systems and processes we need to conserve sage grouse habitat,” Bostrom said.

The position closes July 17. Details on the application process can be found here.