Ground-breaking Watershed-scale Grazing Project, Utah

July 29, 2013

In the far northeast corner of Utah dwell more sage grouse than in any other part of the state. Here, a ground-breaking grazing management plan is underway. The Three Creeks Project in Rich County applies new grazing systems over 150,000 acres (covering four land ownership types and 29 livestock permittees). The goals are to increase numbers of grouse, as well as pygmy rabbits, mule deer, and cutthroat trout and to heal riparian areas, improve water quality and sustain range health. Livestock grazing is one of the tools for success. At the helm is SGI Coordinator Taylor Payne, who serves in a partnership position to help the NRCS put more “boots on the ground.” When it comes to a project this immense, it takes skillful coordination to keep all the moving pieces together.

To learn more, contact: Taylor Payne – SGI Coordinator Rich County, office: 435.793.3905 ext. 14.  |  cell: 435.757.6115  |  .
See also: Conservation Practice: Grazing Systems.

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