Early 2020 Webinar Replay Roundup

Over the first few months of 2020, various organizations have hosted several excellent webinars about various sagebrush-related topics.

While we’ve shared these webinars and the opportunities to watch them on-demand through our social media channels, we wanted to provide a single resource where folks could find links to all of these webinar replay opportunities.

This list includes webinars hosted by the NRCS, the Great Basin Fire Science Exchange, the Conservation Biology Institute, the Intermountain West Joint Venture/Audubon Society, the Society for Ecological Restoration and others. These webinars were presented between April and June, 2020 and are listed in chronological order, beginning in April and continuing through June.

The ecology, history, ecohydrology and management of pinyon and juniper woodlands in the Great Basin

Host: Great Basin Fire Science Exchange

Presenter: Rick Miller, Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University

Brief Description: Rick Miller provides a detailed history of pinyon-juniper woodlands in the Great Basin, including the ecology, ecohydrology and current management status of pinyon-juniper woodlands in the region.

Replay URL: https://youtu.be/lKMCCnPYXCc

Original webinar date: 4/15/20

Click image to watch webinar replay.

Conservation Outcomes on America’s Western Grazing Lands with NRCS’s Working Lands for Wildlife

Host: NRCS

Presenters: Tim Griffiths, West Working Lands for Wildlife Program Lead, NRCS and Dave Naugle, Working Lands for Wildlife Science Advisor, Professor Large Scale Wildlife Biology, University of Montana

Brief Description: Tim Griffiths and Dave Naugle present the conservation outcomes generated by 10+ years of voluntary conservation through Working Lands for Wildlife efforts on western working lands with a focus on woodland management for the benefit of wildlife and productivity. This represents the inaugural webinar in the NRCS’s Conservation Outcomes Webinar Series.

Replay URL: https://nrcs.adobeconnect.com/_a757707842/pc9ryoqor8h7/

Original Webinar Date: 4/23/20

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Moving Beyond Inventories: A new era for Rangeland Monitoring

Host: Conservation Biology Institute

Presenter: Brady Allred, Range Ecologist and Researcher, University of Montana

Brief Description: Brady Allred explains the Rangeland Analysis Platform, a web-based mapping application developed by Working Lands for Wildlife, the University of Montana, and Google Earth Engine, and shares how this innovative, new application is revolutionizing rangeland monitoring across time and scale.

Replay URL: https://consbio.org/products/webinars/scgis-webinar-moving-beyond-inventories-new-era-rangeland-monitoring

Original Webinar Date: 4/30/20

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WAFWA Sagebrush Conservation Strategy Workshop — Sagebrush Conservation Strategy: Conifer Expansion

Host: Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Presenter: Jeremy Maestas, National Sagebrush Ecosystem Specialist, NRCS

Brief Description: This presentation is from the 2020 Sagebrush Conservation Strategy Workshop organized by the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. The presentation provides an excellent overview of conifer expansion into sagebrush rangelands.

Replay URL: https://youtu.be/m1eHscKU6f8

Original Webinar Date: 5/4/20

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New Tools for pinyon juniper management: Balancing the needs of woodland and sagebrush-obligate bird species

Host: Great Basin Fire Science Exchange

Presenters: Jeremy Maestas, National Sagebrush Ecosystem Specialist, NRCS and Jason Tack, Wildlife Biologist, USFWS

Brief Description: This webinar highlights recent literature on wildlife response to pinyon-juniper management across the West, and new science and tools for considering sagebrush- and woodland-obligate songbirds, like pinyon jay, in conifer management. Knowledge gained from wildlife studies is put into context of emerging remote sensing analyses that provide a comprehensive picture of continued woodland change.

Replay URL: https://youtu.be/RW8ljbctKs0

Original Webinar Date: 5/27/20

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Why is Sagebrush Country on Fire?

Host: Intermountain West Joint Venture, Audubon Rockies, BLM and SageWest

Presenter: Michele Crist, National Interagency Fire Center

Brief Description: Fire ecology expert Michele Crist discusses the wildfire trends in sagebrush country, identifies the culprits, the impacts, and breaks down the challenges and opportunities in this one-hour presentation.

Replay URL: https://youtu.be/TE7AwnQg88s

Orig date: 6/3/20

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Principles of Riverscape Health & Low-tech Process-based Restoration

Host: Society for Ecological Restoration

Presenter: Joe Wheaton, Associate Professor, Utah State

Brief Description: Fluvial geomorphologist Joe Wheaton introduces the principles of riverscape health and the low-tech, process-based restoration practices that can help repair and restore riverscapes. Wheaton also discusses restoration planning in river and riparian systems.

Replay URL: https://www.ser.org/news/511194/Open-Access-Principles-of-Riverscape-Health–Low-Tech-Process-Based-Restoration.htm

Original Webinar Date: 6/4/20

Click image above to watch webinar replay.

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The Sage Grouse Initiative is a partnership-based, science-driven effort that uses voluntary incentives to proactively conserve America’s western rangelands, wildlife, and rural way of life. This initiative is part of Working Lands For Wildlife, which is led by USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.