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Beef Magazine: Sage Grouse, Cattle Thrive on Rest-Rotation

August 5, 2014

The August 5th edition of Beef Magazine online features an article about the Sage Grouse Initiative and the inspiring stewardship of the Delaneys, a multi-generational ranch family from Winnett, Montana. See more photos on the SGI page.

Nature Conservancy Magazine Showcases the Matador Ranch & its Role in Sage Grouse Conservation

November 17, 2013

Matador Ranch covers 60,000 acres, but the grass bank program based there has improved another 220,000 acres of wildlife habitat on neighboring ranches.

Montana Outdoors: Last Stand of the Sage-Grouse

November 7, 2013

Where Can Sage-Grouse Live?
Why good grazing practices and more state and federal land-use regulations are essential for keeping these beleaguered birds off the endangered species list.

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Sports Afield: Conserving Western Hunting Grounds, One Sage Grouse at a Time

October 17, 2013

..a project called the Sage Grouse Initiative (SGI) is going full-bore to conserve the sage grouse and its habitat without imposing onerous regulations on freedom-loving Westerners. Employing a collaborative model of voluntary cooperation, incentives, and community support, SGI is a model for the sort of project that could help other troubled wildlife species – and avoid additional ESA listings in the process.” – Diana Rupp, Editor in Chief, Sports Afield