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Map of BLM lands where analysis occurred. Figure 1 from paper.Publication Alert: Research provides first-ever analysis of vegetation trends on BLM lands across West

January 4, 2023

Research using remote sensing technology details vegetation trends on western BLM lands at multiple spatial scales for first time ever.

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Flying sage grouseLatest sage grouse “Scorecard” Highlights NRCS Investments and Outcomes

November 17, 2022

Learn about NRCS investments and conservation outcomes from the latest SGI Scorecard.

Ask an Expert | Forage Production Lost to Tree Expansion

October 19, 2022

Researcher Scott Morford discusses his work detailing the economic impacts that expanding trees have on western rangelands.

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Yield gaps in western rangelands.Publication Alert: Herbaceous production lost to tree encroachment in United States rangelands

October 19, 2022

The ecological impacts of woody plants expanding onto U.S. rangelands are well documented. New science produced the first-ever yield gap analysis for lost production in western U.S. rangelands.

Publication Alert: Next-gen remote sensing tools level up rangeland conservation

October 12, 2022

New research highlights how remote sensing tools accurately and efficiently detail conservation outcomes on rangelands.

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Map of fire probability in Grea Basin 2000-2021Publication Alert: New tool maps the likelihood of large wildfires in the Great Basin

September 21, 2022

Two new papers highlight how rangeland fires are different from forest fires and how fire-probability research can inform fuels management in rangelands.

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Map of fire probability in Grea Basin 2000-2021Ask an Expert | Getting Ahead of Large Rangeland Fires in the Great Basin

September 20, 2022

Join Joe Smith and Jeremy Maestas for a discussion about new, annual fire-prediction maps for the Great Basin and what they mean for managing for wildfire in rangelands.

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How To Watch The Best Mating Dance In The West

March 29, 2022

Check out the ‘sage grouse strut’ this spring on a live-streaming Lek Cam, and read helpful tips for responsible wildlife viewing in the field.

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