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Sage grouse conservation measures benefit "umbrella" benefits for other sagebrush-dependent species, scientists say. (Scott Copeland photo) NEW SCIENCE: Visualizing Sage Grouse Habitat As “Hubs & Spokes”

New research helps prioritize sage grouse conservation by ranking the importance of leks to the species’ overall genetic connectivity across the range, likening certain areas to airline “hubs”.

In Idaho, agencies and landowners work together to restore sagebrush range. Photo: L. Ridenhour, BLM Flickr Idaho Models “3 C’s”: Collaboration, Cooperation, Conservation

In Idaho, agencies and landowners are working together across boundaries to restore sagebrush country.

WEBINAR – Ecologically-Based Invasive Plant Management For Reducing Cheatgrass: Lessons Learned From Demonstration Projects

When: Wednesday May 9, 2018  |  12:30 PM – 1:30 PM MST

Hosts: Great Basin Fire Science Exchange, Sage Grouse Initiative,USDA-NRCS, BLM, USDA-ARS, and USFS

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