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Cutting conifer_ JeremyRoberts Publication: Habitat Preferred by Sage Grouse Increases Six-Fold Following Tree Removal

A long-term study from Oregon shows strategic tree removal boots sage grouse use of habitat as compared to areas where no trees were removed.

Cover image of A Decade of Science Report A Decade of Science Support in the Sagebrush Biome

A new report summarizes – in one place – more than a decade of WLFW science support that NRCS staff and partners can incorporate into their future work.

wide open sagebrush with mesic habitat The Science Behind WLFW’s Riparian and Wet Meadow Restoration

Working Lands for Wildlife researchers and scientists have spent years researching how sage grouse use the West’s mesic habitats, how best to restore those habitats, and ensuring the practices we promote truly benefit the bird and the herd.