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Idaho Launches the Cheatgrass Challenge

Read all about Idaho’s new effort to tackle cheatgrass, an invasive annual grass that is causing serious issues across western rangelands.

Cheatgrass is an annual invasive plant that crowds out native plants in sagebrush range. Webinar Replay | Restoration of Annual Grass Invaded Landscapes

Overview of the devastating impacts of annual invasive grasses, regional scale strategies to tackle the problem, on-the-ground examples of restoration, and introduction to a new rangeland restoration herbicide providing multi-year annual grass control.

Bugle Magazine | Thinking Like a Beaver

Read about how volunteer-led, low-tech, process-based restoration of streams and meadows in the west is helping restore critical habitat for elk and other wildlife in this great story from Bugle, the magazine of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Reposted with permission.