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North Dakota Sage Grouse Initiative Partnership: Planting Wyoming Big Sage on Brooks Ranch Enhances Sage Grouse Habitat

North Dakota cattle rancher Rob Brooks is supportive and participating in restoring sagebrush to his land to give sage grouse a chance here at the fringe of his range. The feature article follows the story of NRCS and partners, from gathering seeds to raising sagebrush and planting on Brooks’ ranch.

New Publication: Landowner Assistance Programs for Conservation of Greater Sage-Grouse in Montana

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and partners have released a new brochure aimed specifically at landowners to help them tap into assistance programs for the conservation of sage grouse in Montana. The programs are voluntary and aimed at improving sagebrush-grasslands for livestock, sage grouse and other wildlife.

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory Holds Two Workshops & Blogs on Sage Grouse & Sagebrush Birds

This week, RMBO offers its last two workshops of four on “Birds and Management Decisions in the SageBrush Ecosystem,” in Gillette, Wyoming, on April 22 and in Lewistown, Montana, on April 24th.

Ranching & a West That Works: April 24-35: Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust & Colorado State University

Note: Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust is one of our Sage Grouse Initiative fine partners that works with ranchers in prime sage grouse habitat to help them conserve their lands and ranching way of life through easements. CCALT is one of several sponsors of the conference. The Ranching and a West that Works conference is free and […]

New Science to Solution Series: Targeting Early Phase Conifer Removal Key to Restoring Sage Grouse Habitat

Removing junipers and other conifers that are early invaders of sagebrush-steppe is less costly, and much more likely to be effective, than a delay-and-repair approach that tries to turn a mature forest back into a sagebrush ecosystem again. That’s a key message of the second of the Sage Grouse Initiative Science to Solution series, titled Conifer Removal Restores Sage Grouse Habitat.