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fence study WY 404Study Shows That Fence Markers Reduce Sage Grouse Mortality in Wyoming

SGI and our partners have marked or moved 590 miles of high-risk fence to reduce bird collisions so that sage grouse can thrive in the sagebrush sea. Read on to see results of the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory’s study on the impacts of fence markers in Wyoming.

pjforum-day1-402Bi-State Sage Grouse Forum Attracts Full House in Nevada

Sage grouse experts representing many stakeholders and partners of the Sage Grouse Initiative converged in Minden, Nevada, yesterday for a high-profile forum aimed at solving a key conservation issue for bi-state sage grouse that straddle the Nevada-California border: the expansion of pinyon and juniper forests into historic sagebrush-steppe.

Native Prairie Speaker Series - Free Webinar on the Sage Grouse Initiative in the Western U.S.New SGI Webinar: Intro to Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation in the U.S.

Listen as Sage Grouse Initiative range conservationist Kelsey Molloy explains how partners work to conserve the Greater Sage-Grouse in the Western U.S.