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Washington Landowner & Agencies Secure Major Grants To Protect And Restore A Sage Grouse Oasis In Douglas County

A forward-looking landowner working with several partners has $300,000 in grants to enhance habitat on a precious parcel for sage grouse in Douglas County, Washington.

North Dakota Outdoors: Restoring Sage Grouse Habitat

North Dakota Outdoors featured one of the Sage Grouse Initiative rancher success stories in its July, 2014 issue, authored by Steve Stuebner. Rancher Rob Brooks and partners are planting sagebrush on important rangelands for sage grouse and other wildlife.

Conoco Phillips Spirit of Conservation Grants: sage grouse applicability

Conoco Phillips offers a $1 million competitive grant program that has applicability to sage grouse conservation projects:

Webinar – Decision support for sage grouse conservation through range wide mapping of scarce wetland resources

Please join Patrick Donnelly for a webinar to discuss how spatio-temporal variability in summer habitat condition structure sage-grouse distribution and for an overview of the new spatial products generated from this work.

Field & Stream Video Released: Sage Grouse Initiative Hero for a Day

Field & Stream today released its Hero for a Day video featuring Montana volunteers for the Sage Grouse Initiative marking fences, removing fences, and planting sagebrush, as well as the work of adults with disabilities making fencemarkers and growing sagebrush.